Trade of Innocents

Directed By: Christopher Bessette

Produced By: Bill and Laurie Bolthouse, Jim Schmidt

Starring: Dermot Mulroney (My Best Friend’s Wedding, J. Edgar, Big Miracle, The Grey), Mira Sorvino (Academy Award Winner (Mighty Aphrodite); 3 Time Golden Globe Nominee; EMMY Nominee), John Billingsley, Trieu Tran

Run Time: 91 Minutes


Inspired by true events, Trade of Innocents tells the compelling story of a couple who set out to rescue young girls sold into South East Asia’s sex slave trade, where women and children are purchased for exploitation.

Human trafficking investigator Alex Becker ( Dermot Mulroney) and his wife Claire (Mira Sorvino) are adjusting to their new life in Cambodia while dealing with the devastating impact of their own daughter’s abduction.

When known trafficker Duke (Trieu Tran) threatens the lives of a group of young girls in the local community, Alex and his team are the last defence against the criminals who want to sell the children to the highest bidder. At the scene of a raid to free the victims, Alex is distraught when he discovers the trafficker has escaped, taking Claire and a seven-year-old girl captive.

Redemption and healing run through this gripping thriller that brings light to dark places.


"Very rarely do you find a film, a thriller no less, with such heart beating at its core. In christopher bessette's unflinching look at modern day slavery, mira sorvino and dermot mulroney transport us to this dark world, but with a glimmer of hope. Trade of innocents will break your heart "
- Nicki Richesin, The Huffington Post

"Powerful and important new film"
- ET online

" This outstanding thriller with a very important message for the world, is the best i've seen in 2012! "
- Amy R. Handler, Film Threat

" Extremely powerful with a message vital for the world! "
- Jeffrey Lyons/WCBS/Lyons Den Radio

"Trade of innocents is a rare gem. The film contains some really amazing performances from dermot mulroney, mira orvino and john billingsley. The film is action packed and very suspenseful. Do not miss out on this film, it is one of 2012's hidden gem and award worthy performances. Be sure to check out this great movie."
- Media Mikes

"Shocking, heartbreaking, unforgettable!"
- Stuart Lee, WNYX-TV

"Trade of innocents does an incredible job of being a powerful, tense drama. This is an important movie and not only worth seeing but also entertaining."
- Movie Guide


In 2007, Bill and Laurie Bolthouse found themselves and their three daughters, Meredith, age 10, Madison, 10, and Molly, 8, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Bill, a family physician, volunteered to go there for a Denver based not–for–profit organisation sending specialty surgical teams to Cambodia.

During their stay, Laurie took their daughters to the beach for a vacation, and while there they hosted a dinner for an anti–trafficking team and seven young girls who had recently been rescued from a brothel. The evening was momentous for the family as the Bolthouse girls came away from it deeply touched and angry that such an atrocity as sex slavery of children exists. Their bedtime prayer that night was “God, where are you and what are you going to do?”

The answer to that prayer came a few months later when writer/director Christopher Bessette went to Phnom Penh to film this same organization for a Canadian TV show. His direct experiences and the things he learned led to the vision for the movie. In November 2009, through nothing less than a miraculous dream, the Bolthouse’s and Mr. Bessette finally connected on the possibility of making a movie. Their shared goal was not only to making a compelling film on a difficult subject but also to raise awareness and move people to action. And so “Trade of Innocents” was born.