Trade of Innocents

Justice needs a hero

Inspired by true events, Trade of Innocents tells the compelling story of a couple who set out to rescue young girls sold into South East Asia’s sex slave trade, where women and children are purchased for exploitation.

Human trafficking investigator Alex Becker ( Dermot Mulroney) and his wife Claire (Mira Sorvino) are adjusting to their new life in Cambodia while dealing with the devastating impact of their own daughter’s abduction.

When known trafficker Duke (Trieu Tran) threatens the lives of a group of young girls in the local community, Alex and his team are the last defence against the criminals who want to sell the children to the highest bidder. At the scene of a raid to free the victims, Alex is distraught when he discovers the trafficker has escaped, taking Claire and a seven-year-old girl captive.

Redemption and healing run through this gripping thriller that brings light to dark places.